President & CEO

David is a graduate of both Ithaca College and the University Of Miami School Of Law. David received his Bachelor of Science in Sports Management from Ithaca in 1995. While at Ithaca David was a founding member of the Sports Management Club and played football for the Division III National Champion Bombers.

After working for the Florida Marlins during the strike-shortened season of 1994, David enrolled at the University Of Miami School Of Law. While attending law school, he had a chance meeting at a Shell gas station with former University of Miami standout wide receiver and ex Miami Dolphin Lamar Thomas. After their meeting Mr. Thomas became David’s first client. David graduated from the University Of Miami School Of Law in 1998 where he was a member of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society. David has been able to combine his football playing experience, his sports management degree, and his legal background into the formation of his own sports management and representation firm DEC MANAGEMENT.

DEC MANAGEMENT has grown from a company of meager beginnings into a worldwide powerhouse of professional representation all under Canter’s auspices. The company now has working relationships with many of the major athletes in the sports world and celebrities in the entertainment industry. The company has also co-produced two television shows, three radio shows, and has secured major multimillion dollar marketing deals with companies such as Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Ford, Acura, Mitsubishi, BMW, Cadillac Kangol, Cytodyne Technologies, and several others on behalf of his clients.

In 1999 David shocked the world when his 2nd round draft picks contract for then Indianapolis Colts linebacker Mike Peterson was the largest 2nd round package ever signed at the time!!

In 2000 David represented the tenth overall pick in the NFL draft (Travis Taylor), as well as, negotiated the largest total package in NFL history for Washington Redskin’s running back Stephen Davis (9 years, 135.75 million dollars).

In 2003 David was at it again when negotiated the largest ever NFL playing contract for a punter representing Todd Sauerbrun of the Carolina Panthers.

David also negotiated the largest incentive package for any NFL running back with Stephen Davis’ 2003 deal with the Carolina Panthers. David is known in the industry as one of the most aggressive and respected contract negotiators besides being an expert in marketing.

In 2005 David Canter made history again- taking a player, Troy Williamson, that was told by the NFL Advisory Committee that he would be no better than a second round pick all the way to the 7th Overall selection of the 2005 NFL Draft. The contract David secured for Troy is larger, has more up front and guaranteed money, and a larger average per year then the fourth, fifth, and sixth picks of the 2005 NFL Draft. David also helped Damien Nash (no combine invite) get drafted in the 5th round and Rodriques Wilson (no combine or all star game invite) get drafted in the 7th round. Davids elevation techniques have proven time and time again that players CAN elevate their position in the draft with the right agent and life manager.

In 2006 David was at it again when he took a player whom the NFL evaluation committee told would be no better than a fourth round pick and helped him elevate all the way to the top of the second round. Junior Wide Receiver Chad Jackson from the University of Florida was given a fourth round grade by the NFL Underclassman evaluation committee, yet ended up being the second wide receiver drafted overall when he was chosen by the New England Patriots with the 36th overall selection in the 2006 NFL Draft.

In 2007 David was able to sign four high profile draft picks and help them elevate into the upper echelon of the NFL Draft. Eric Weddle was an under rated safety from Utah who entered the spring prior to the draft as a projected 3rd round pick. David and Eric shocked the world when the San Diego Chargers traded 4 draft picks and moved up 25 slots in round 2 to select Eric with the 37th overall pick. Ryne Robinson wasnt projected to be drafted in the 2007 NFL draft when the spring grades first came out. With Rynes hard work and diligence Ryne was able to elevate in the high fourth round as the 118th Overall pick of the Carolina Panthers. David has shown the sports and entertainment world time and time again that his low client to agent ratio equals the biggest dollars for his clients.

Canter added two NFL veterans in 2008 and was able to secure HUGE new deals for them. For Chargers safety Steve Gregory, Canter negotiated a 3 year extension for $4.8Million with $2million in guaranteed money.

Another incredible deal that David negotiated was for former undrafted free agent outside linebacker Jyles Tucker for whom Canter secured a whopping 4 year extension worth $15 Million total with $6.5 Million up front. What makes the Tucker deal so incredible is that Tucker had only played in 6 NFL games after spending the majority of the 2007 season on the Chargers practice squad. This contract is unprecedented in NFL history-


In the 2009 NFL Draft Canter saw two of his clients fly off the board in the 2nd round with Paul Kruger going 57th overall to the Baltimore Ravens and Sean Smith going 61st overall to the Miami Dolphins. On the 2nd day DEC MANAGEMENT client Freddie Brown was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals 252nd overall.

2010 was a banner year for David and DEC MANAGEMENT with a whopping 5 new players terminating their previous agents and hiring DEC MANAGEMENT. One player Paul Soliai saw the agent change pay immediate dividends as during the post season of 2010 Paul was named the franchise player for the Dolphins and signed a 1-year FULLY GUARANTEED CONTRACT WORTH $12.476 MILLION

David has shown the sports and entertainment world time and time again that his low client to agent ratio equals the biggest dollars for his clients.

David is a frequent public speaker and has given lectures at the University of Miami, St. Thomas University, Nova Southeastern University, Lynn University, and is a frequent guest on several nationally syndicated radio and TV shows.

David resides in Miramar Florida and can always be reached twenty four hours a day on his personal cellular phone at 954-599-4499.