DRaft preparation & Training

With over two decades in the industry, DEC MANAGEMENT has longstanding relationships with general managers, head coaches and scouts and can effectively gauge interest and promote our clients to all 32 NFL franchises while our clients remain focused on their pre-draft training program. DEC MANAGEMENT also provides clients with pre-draft marketing, ensuring that you are recognized to fans across the world and helping to build your brand as both a person and an NFL player. 

DEC MANAGEMENT provides our clients with a detailed gameplan to prepare for the National Scouting Combine and/or Pro Day on your college campus. DEC MANAGEMENT will provide clients with the absolute best pre-draft training facilities in the country. We work with our clients to devise a pre-draft training program that works best for each individual athlete’s needs. DEC MANAGEMENT will customize a training program for each client to ensure that he is getting the best strength training, speed and agility training, Combine/Pro Day position drills, Wonderlic and interview prep, nutritional program, and rehab & recovery programs in the country.  DEC MANAGEMENT has relationships with all the major equipment and apparel companies to provide the gear and shoes to ensure you get the best results at the Combine or your Pro Day. Our goal at DEC MANAGEMENT is for each client to be in top shape so that he can and will perform at his best at all times.